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Joshua started his music career by taking piano lessons at the age of seven as an extra curriculum to elementary school. From early on, he displayed enthusiasm for the piano (and the fine arts in general), practicing and performing on a regular basis, and earning victories and acclaims in many piano competitions for years to come. If he is not playing the piano or doing homework, he would usually be found drawing and painting.

Joshua also exhibited signs of great ear and memory for music from an early age, from little anecdotes such as recognizing a tune being hummed in a different key, to being able to recall tunes from favorite TV shows by playing them back on the piano. In his latter part of his childhood, he inadvertently honed his skills further in ear training and music arrangement by jotting down favorite music off the radio (which takes weeks to months for the music to come back around!) into paper for later piano playing, solely due to not owning a recording device.

After many years of reading and practicing existing music pieces, Joshua started writing his own pieces in his late teens. His earliest compositions are mostly for piano, staying true to the familiar classical genre he is familiar with (with a few rare exceptions). In the meantime, he has become fascinated with computers (later pursuing it further in the form of a Computer Science degree in his first university), so he experimented with various music writing softwares and synthesizers, creating printable sheet music and further training his rhythmic skills in the written form. His computer skills include a moderate amount of image manipulation and a fair bit of programming.

His later enrollment in a music program in another university saw his composition style branching out into different genres and instruments, as he became exposed to various forms of ensembles and started learning a myriad of instruments such as timpani, vibes, drum kit, guitar, voice, organ, etc. Cheesecake is a great example of such a new turn of style and a combination of the aforementioned result of acquired skills, starting as a piano piece and later arranged for jazz combo.

Joshua liked to incorporate different sets of skills into a masterpiece, as evidenced in his more experimental pieces such as the Requiem For A Car that uses a steady rev of a car engine as a bassline, stemming from his years of experience in repairing cars, knowledge in computers, and ear training in music production. Bach's Reverence is another excellent example of musical fusion of the old and the new.

And then there's this website. Originally meant as a hobbyist project and as a platform on which to share his music, it was reworked into a sort of avant-garde resume, before finally turning into its present simultaneous form of autobiography, discography, and interprofessional masterpiece. All aspects of the website was a result of Joshua's own research, studies, and labor--from web design, programming, music, prints, cover art, and so on.

Today, Joshua can be found teaching music in the local music store, getting involved in a worship band at a local church, and arranging and singing music for/in various choirs, developing other websites from home, fixing some cars in the backyard, ... the list goes on.

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Updated: August 2019