Joshua Tanuwijaya's Achievements

Things I have achieved in life. Compressed into one business card-sized picture, a title, and short description. Still a work in progress, just like life itself.

Green Motorcycle 2023
Ultimate bike build, starting 2022
First 40km bike ride. 2022
Then 70km, then 125km, then 150km.
Computer Master-Builder 2022
All shapes and sizes, all specs.
Mutant E-Bike 2022
Fast E-Bike. Built it myself. Traveled car-like distances with it, with car-like paces.
Home-Made Shelf 2022
Still going strong, hosting solar batteries among other things.
Piano Tuning/Restoration 2021
It was hard but practice makes perfect.
Organ Practice 2021
Too bad I don't really have an organ. Had my organ shoes and all. I have potential.
Multi Talent for Multi Tasks 2022
Finding dexterity and abilities in unexpected places.