Joshua's Music List

This is the list of my discography.

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Title/Program/Description Audio Sheet
I Wanna Be a Spy 20.00 15.00
I Am With You 5.00 5.00
Butterfly 15.00 20.00
Autumn 12.00 5.00
The Departure Song 10.00 7.50
Old Clock 1.00 1.00
Waltz of the Children 12.00 12.00
Time's Running (2014 ver.) 10.00 Soon!
Newsflash! 5.00 5.00


Title/Program/Description Audio Sheet
I Wanna Be a Spy, Extended Soon! 25.00
Butterfly, Extended Soon! Soon!

Time's Running

Title/Program/Description Audio Sheet
El Toro Soon! 15.00
Time's Running (Band ver.) 20.00 Soon!
Five-Petaled Butterfly Soon! Soon!
Taking The Tube 7.00 -
Cheesecake Soon! 10.00
A Brand New Harley 10.00 5.50
Untitled Joke 5.00 Soon!
To All My Canadian Friends Soon! Soon!


Title/Program/Description Audio Sheet
The Last Dance Soon! 5.00
Cold Hands (short ver.) 5.00 5.00
Cold Hands Soon! 10.00
Mani fredde Soon! 10.00
The Departure Song, Extended ver. 20.00 15.00

Requiem for a Car

Title/Program/Description Audio Sheet
Bach's Reverence 10.00 IMSLP
Kyrie I 10.00 10.00
Kyrie II 10.00 10.00
Jericho Soon! 20.00
Kyrie III Soon! 20.00
Kyrie IV Soon! Soon!


Title/Program/Description Audio Sheet
Kyrie III-425 Free! Free!
proj2 Free! -


Title/Program/Description Audio Sheet
In My Race Car, short ver. Free! 0.50
Tu es Petrus 1.00 1.00


Title/Program/Description Audio Sheet
(Arrangement) Life of a Salesman Feb 1 -
(Arrangement) No Words Jul 23 -
(Arrangement) Happy Birthday to You Free! Free!
The Lord's Prayer Soon! Free!
In the Beginning Was the Word Soon! Free!
Blessed Pierced Hands Soon! Free!

Beginner's Corner (Free)

Title/Program/Description Audio Sheet
Mary Had a Little Lamb - Free!
O When the Saints (Go Marching In) - Free!
Hot Cross Buns - Free!
Jingle Bells - Free!
Ode to Joy - Free!

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