You cyclists are an entitled bunch, taking up the road space
I don't care what the law says. Stay off the road!

many unsafe maneuvers by motorist ensue, and it's all justified, because apparently you're the entitled and unsafe one for trying to obey the law while using a space-savvy vehicle to let others overtake you easier.

Stay on the road. The law says so, and you're not above the law.
Retreat to the sidewalk. Clearly the law doesn't care for human safety, only optimal car logistics.
Go back to driving. It really is a same difference of road space usage anyway (you're going to be on that road space at the same moment of time whether by car, bus, bicycle, or on foot--it's just the basics of commuting), except with a car your entitlement is respected so people don't cut into your space all the time. The bigger your physical space-hog, the better.